Toro vs John Deere Lawn Mowers

Interested to see how Toro vs John Deere mowers stack up against each other?

Both Toro and John Deere produce excellent lawn mowers and whether you’re looking for a good residential or commercial lawn mower, you won’t be disappointed if you choose either of them.

Toro and John Deere produce excellent riding mowers, zero-turn, and walk-behind mowers and they are reliable brands you can’t go wrong with.

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But, even though they are both great, I still wanted to compare them in detail to see how they stack up against each other and which areas they are good or bad at.

We will look at both brands and see which brand is a better choice for each type of mower.

Factors We Will Look At

To find out how Toro vs John Deere lawn mowers stack up against each other, we will be looking at a couple of main factors:

Toro vs John Deere Main Factors:

  • Engine power
  • Ease of Use and Maneuverability
  • Pricing
  • Service and proximity to a dealer
  • Reliability

Lawn Mower Engines

Engine power is a really important factor when it comes to choosing the best lawn mower. Power is also a great sign of reliability. It’s especially important if you are a landscaper that provides lawn care services. If you’re a homeowner, you probably should care a lot less about power, and more about other factors, such as ease of use.

But when it comes to choosing a better engine between Toro vs John Deere mowers, some of the smaller Toro engines have too little power for commercial use. But when it comes to larger models, they are almost identical.

Ease of Use and Maneuverability

Whether you’re a landscaping business owner or a homeowner, you want your job and your employee’s job to be as easy as possible. That’s why you want to choose a lawn mower that’s easy to use so that even hard lawns become easy to mow.

Toro’s and John Deere’s maneuverability is pretty similar since both companies are trying to produce a product that can easily be used by many. Toro stands out with their user-friendly designs, while John Deere keeps working on making their mowers extremely easy to use for homeowners which enhances all of their features and makes them pretty easy to use.


This is a pretty important factor.

John Deere mowers are usually a lot more expensive than other brands of lawn mowers. But, most landscapers would argue that you get what you pay for. 

Many lawn care specialists also swear by John Deere mowers and even though other big-box models may be a lot cheaper, they are still willing to pay what’s needed to own a John Deere mower due to their history of reliability.

Some would argue that John Deere mowers are alienating customers by pricing themselves out of the market, but I trust that the team behind John Deere knows what they are doing.

Service and proximity to the dealer

This is an especially important factor that many would ignore. If you’re debating which brand to choose, an important thing you need to consider is how easy or hard it will be to service the mower in case it needs repairs? Even though when properly maintained, both Toro and John Deere mowers should last for a very long time, nothing lasts forever.

Also, if you’re running a company, you need to ensure that you have a minimum amount of downtime so that all of your customers can be serviced without any issues.

Service and customer staff can make or break your experience with a mower and a bad dealer will make you switch brands.


Even though both brands separate themselves from other companies due to their reliability, John Deere takes it a step further.

Unfortunately, many people overlook mower maintenance and think that if they spend enough money on the mower, they don’t have to worry about maintaining it.

You need to make sure that you maintain your mower as frequently as possible by checking oil, cleaning and replacing filters, bearings, etc.

But, even though both brands are great in terms of reliability, I believe that John Deere takes it a step further.

Toro vs John Deere Zero Turn Mowers

When it comes to choosing the best John Deere vs Toro zero-turn mowers, we need to understand that not every model is the same. 

I can say that for example, a specific Toro model has more power, but you can find a John Deere model with more power. That’s why we need to look at general factors that can be applied to a lot of different Toro vs John Deere zero-turn models.

Toro mowers are without a doubt usually more affordable than John Deere models, but John Deere’s long streak of reliability justifies their price.

Especially if you’re thinking about buying a used mower, they will certainly be cheaper. But then you will need to worry about how the previous owner maintained them, why is he selling them, etc. Plus nowadays it’s pretty difficult to find good John Deere zero-turn mowers on the used markets.

Toro’s new V engine does have better fuel efficiency out of the two, but unless you’re mowing a lot of lawns, you don’t need to worry about fuel consumption.

Overall, your personal preference will help you decide which brand is more suited to your needs.

Toro Mowers History

Toro was founded in 1914 on a legacy of high-quality, long-lasting products and innovative features that simplify the mowing experience and lawn care. Toro’s walk-behind mower collection includes battery-powered self-propelled mowers, mulching mowers that fertilize your lawn as you cut, and 30″ wide-cut mowers that help you finish your projects faster. Toro offers a variety of features that are tailored to your specific mowing requirements.

Many years in the business

Toro lawn mowers are not new to the market. Toro has been operating for nearly a century, which means they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their products. Additionally, we appreciate that the company’s longevity ensures that they will be there to supply us with necessary parts and to stand behind warranties.

Always Experimenting

Toro is committed to developing new, user-friendly solutions for increasing the efficiency, productivity, and performance of its products. We know that each model you buy will be trustworthy because they are constantly looking for new methods to improve their products.

Toro lawn mowers include a slew of great features that make mowing the lawns a joy. Because many of their mowers are self-propelled, they will automatically adjust to your walking pace as you move around the lawn.


Toro lawn mowers are reliable and long-lasting devices. More than 125 countries use their products, and they’ve been around for decades. The quality of a Toro lawn mower will not let you down.

Various Options

Toro lawn mowers are available in a variety of configurations, including gas, electric battery, self-propelled and all-wheel drive. Whatever your needs or budget, you can find an excellent solution for your needs.

John Deere Mower History 

With John Deere riding mowers, you can achieve a high-quality cut while remaining comfortable. This lawn tractor series features rugged equipment that is capable of handling all of your lawn and garden projects. Expect a variety of deck lengths, easier maintenance thanks to exclusive John Deere technology such as the Easy ChangeTM 30-Second Oil Change System available on many models, and a vast array of attachments for handling almost anything from clippings to gardening.

Features for Comfort

Most of the time, when you’re working on your projects, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the vehicle. For this reason, you’ll need equipment that can be tailored to your particular dimensions and safely support you as you ride over uneven terrain, or mow acres of land. All of Deere’s designs are based on their deep grasp of the importance of combining strength, comfort, and safety. High-backed and amply padded adjustable seats with and without suspensions are just some of the features you’ll find at the operator station.

Simple and Straightforward

Deere equipment is easier to handle because of hydrostatic transmission systems and smart architecture, such as control location. Hydrostatic transmissions aren’t all created equal, thus it’s crucial to keep this in mind. Starting with Deere, the company’s twin-touch hydrostatic transmission systems include pedals that are located side-by-side instead of in various places around your operator station.

Drive-over mowing decks, quick-connecting equipment and attachments, and much more can be found in the attachments section as well.

Superior Quality

John Deere has the best overall product and the best resale value. As a result of paying a premium fee, you may expect to get premium features on every level. The worth of this equipment is reflected in everything from the comfort and convenience to the cosmetic, durability, and reliability qualities.

Final Words

Choosing a better mower between Toro vs John Deere mowers is impossible without looking at many other factors that depend on the person that’s buying the mower.

Are you running a landscaping business? Are you a one-man landscaper looking to upgrade your mower to service new residential customers? Or are you a homeowner with a large yard that prefers to do their yardwork by yourself?

Many factors come into play and I hope that the article I wrote will help you choose the best one for your needs.

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