Best Commercial Mowers for Hills

Mowing a flat lawn is usually fairly easy if you’re well equipped and as long as there aren’t many obstacles in your way. But, mowing a steep hill is a completely different experience.

If you are a commercial lawn mowing company, you already know that getting customers with perfect yards is not always possible. That’s why it’s best to make sure that you’re properly equipped with the best commercial mower for steep hills so that you can be prepared when it comes to mowing steep yards or yards with ditches.

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In this article, we will compare riding mowers, zero-turn, and walk-behind mowers to find out which type of mower is the best for mowing steep hills and surfaces.

We will also present some of the best commercial mowers for hills after we explain the benefits and downsides of each type of mower.

Zero-Turn Mowers for Steep Hills

Zero-turn mowers are excellent for mowing flat yards. By far, the biggest benefit of the zero-turn mowers is their maneuverability. You can easily navigate through yards when mowing and avoid any obstacles that may come your way. Another benefit of zero-turn mowers when it comes to mowing steep hills is the fact that their center of gravity is low, which helps provide more stable support while mowing lawns.

Unfortunately, they are not steady on steep slopes due to the low traction of their front wheels, especially if you’re mowing after a rainy day.

Another downside of zero-turn lawn mowers is that they don’t have a lot of weight in the front, which makes it easy to lose balance and fall over if you’re mowing on a steep hill. 

They aren’t designed for mowing steep surfaces, but if you still decide that you want to go for this type of mower, the best commercial zero-turn mower we can recommend is Troy-Bilt Mustang.

Lawn Tractor / Riding Mowers for Hills

The biggest benefit of lawn tractors is their usability. They don’t have to be used just for mowing, they can also be used for lots of other jobs as well. There are various attachments that you can use that will help you complete various jobs throughout the whole year instead of just mowing in spring.

Lawn tractors and riding mowers also have great traction and they are usually really stable when it comes to mowing on steep hills. The learning curve is easier for lawn tractors as well, even though beginners and new employees shouldn’t have any problems with using zero turns either.

The downside of riding mowers is that it’s a lot more difficult to mow smaller yards or yards with a lot of obstacles. Avoiding flowers and trees is a lot easier to do with zero-turn mowers due to their maneuverability.

There are many great lawn tractors so choosing the best commercial riding mower for hills is really difficult. However, we have listed some of our recommendations at the bottom of the page.

Walk-Behind Mowers for Hills

Walk-behind mowers are usually the best commercial mowers for steep hills because they are super easy to maneuver. Their motor can easily handle their weight and mowing on slopes doesn’t present any issues. The riding mowers are usually the best for small inclines but their design makes them top-heavy which is why they can be dangerous on larger slopes.

Walk-behind mowers also hold their lines better on sloped surfaces than riding mowers and zero-turn mowers. You can also quickly and easily raise the deck on the walk-behind mowers which helps you if you’re trying to avoid mulch or similar obstacles while mowing on the slope.

Important Factors

Great commercial lawn mowers for hills need to cover all 4 of the following factors:

Tires and Traction

  • Tires are really important since they need to provide traction for your vehicle, especially if you’re trying to mow slippery surfaces. Commercial riding mowers are great because they have 4 tires of great quality and traction.
  • The front tires on zero turn for example do nothing but support weight and they don’t add any support when it comes to getting more traction.

Center of gravity

  • The benefit of mowing with zero turn mowers is that their center of gravity is low and they are really stable on flat surfaces, but unfortunately, this doesn’t help them on steep hills.
  • One of the downsides of riding mowers is that they are usually top-heavy and tall, but there are a lot of lawn tractors that are trying to address this issue by lowering their center of gravity which helps them with mowing on steeper hills.

Power and Weight

  • Power and weight are two important factors that ensure safety and stability when it comes to mowing steep hills.
  • It also depends on how steep of a hill are you trying to mow, since sometimes no matter how much power you have if the hill is too steep it would still be a huge problem.

Deck size

  • The deck provides a solid base and balance for your mower and it becomes even more important when you’re mowing hills.
  • The smaller the deck of your mower, the higher the chances you have of falling over.

Craftsman T225 19 HP Riding Lawn Mower

The Craftsman T225 is always at the top of the list when it comes to high-end commercial models for steep hill mowing. Those who have worked with this magnificent piece of machinery have nothing but positive things to say about it. This is because the Craftsman T225 is equipped with all of the necessary features for comfortably and easily mowing tall grass. The following are some of the outstanding features we admire most about the Craftsman T225:

  1. Briggs and Stratton Gasoline Engine
  2. Cutting Deck 46-Inch with Deck Wash
  3. Wheels with Durable-Turf-Saving Technology

The Craftsman T225’s powerful Briggs and Stratton Gas Engine is one of the reasons it made our list of the best commercial mowers for hills. The 19-horsepower engine with a ready start is ideal for larger yard jobs. It is capable of covering acres of land in a matter of hours. The best part is the read start technology, which ensures a quick and efficient start.

In comparison to its competitors, the Craftsman T225 features a 46-inch cutting deck. It has a large surface area that can be covered in a short period of time. The expansive cutting deck is ideal for grass clipping, trimming, and cutting. Most importantly, the manufacturer has included a deck wash system that significantly reduces the amount of time required to clean the underside.

The Craftsman T225 features a 20-inch rear wheel and a 15-inch front wheel for increased clearance and easy maneuverability throughout the yard. What you’ll appreciate most about the Craftsman T225 is its ability to mow in reverse; this allows you to easily maneuver the machine into and out of trouble spots.


Without a doubt, the price is a little excessive for a riding mower. In comparison to other models, it comes equipped with a 19-horsepower engine, which is quite low for this price.

Ariens Ikon X Mower

Not only is the Ariens Ikon X lawnmower powerful, but it is also affordable. With a lower price tag than many of its competitors, the Ariens Ikon X will satisfy your needs for a beautiful landscape without breaking the bank. It has a 23 horsepower, 726cc Kawasaki FR Series V-Twin engine, which allows it to cut your grass in half the time it takes a typical lawn tractor to do so.

The design of this zero-turn lawn mower is straightforward but comfortable, which adds to the ride’s enjoyment factor. For your comfort, Ariens built this mower with a high back seat to accommodate riders of varying heights. The bar armrests are also fully padded for your convenience.

With a strong four-point hanging deck system, you can be assured of a superior trim. Additionally, this mower includes a foot-operated deck lift with an easy-to-turn height adjustment dial, which allows you to maneuver up and down hills with ease and precision. This is why we included this mower on our list of the best zero-turn mowers for hills.

What do we love about this mower?

  1. It’s easy to get to the top of a deck with a simple dial and foot lift.
  2. Good lumbar support is provided by the high back comfort seats.
  3. To reduce upper body vibration, the armrest has a padded full-bar padding.
  4. The 52-inch cutting area ensures a more rapid and more precise cut each time.
  5. This lawnmower is quieter than most of its rivals on the market.

Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower

The Husqvarna MZ61 is one of the most durable and functional riding mowers on the market. As intimidating as it appears, the Husqvarna MZ61 is an entry-level commercial unit built to last. This Husqvarna type is recognized for its overall cut quality and easy maneuverability. It is not only an attractive mower but also a highly functional one.

What we love about this mower:

  1. Durable Steel Deck Fabricated
  2. Elements of Safety
  3. Incredibly Comfy

Due to its sturdy manufactured steel deck, the Husqvarna MZ61 is the ideal riding mower to choose if you truly want to clean up all yard trash. The mower is equipped with robust 6-inch front pneumatic tires that glide effortlessly over rough terrain. Additionally, the ergonomically built deck raising system allows for accurate adjustment of the cutting height. This clears the way for a spotless garden or lawn.

When it comes to the Husqvarna MZ61’s safety features, it includes a system that many other mowers consider overkill. This is especially advantageous if you have young children at home with you. To start the engine, ensure that the parking brakes are engaged, that the steering controls are in the neutral position, and that the mower deck is disengaged. And, of course, this riding mower requires a key to operate. All of these characteristics contribute to the Husqvarna MZ61 being childproof. The nicest thing is that the machine will not start unless you are seated. What else do you require?

Those who have driven a Husqvarna MZ61 previously all agree on one thing: it is comparable to driving a luxury vehicle. The seats are extremely comfortable, and when combined with the cup holder and armrests, the Husqvarna MZ61 radiates luxury. Additionally, this model boasts luxurious features such as 6-inch wide caster wheels, a pedal-assisted cutting deck lift, a retractable foot pan, and a bigger chassis.


The abundance of maintenance requirements for the Husqvarna MZ61 can be intimidating for users. The maintenance requirements are a little excessive. The manual includes a maintenance schedule that must be followed to ensure continuous operation.

Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 Zero-Turn Mower

Troy-Bilt is a well-known name in the lawn mowing industry. Mustang 54 Zero-Turn Mower is a high-performance, powerful riding mower with a variety of features that is ideal for commercial use. It is constructed with a durable, strong frame that provides improved operator protection. It is one of the few zero-turn mowers equipped with integrated suspension springs for a smooth ride.

What we love about this mower

  1. Astonishingly Powerful Engine
  2. Blades that are razor-sharp
  3. Factor of Comfort

Troy-Mustang Built’s 54 Zero-Turn Mower is powered by a 25 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek Series V-twin engine that delivers tremendous power and allows the mower to function at its peak throughout the day. You don’t have to be concerned about the size of the area; the Mustang 54 can easily traverse tremendous distances without sacrificing performance. The easy-start system enables rapid engine start-up, while the dynamically built cylinder and crankshaft ensure that the machine runs smoothly.

The Mustang 54 riding mower features a 54-inch cutting deck constructed of 13 gauge aluminum and equipped with dual razor-sharp blades. The blades have been designed for use in rugged and flat surfaces, in conjunction with side discharge. Electricity powers the blades, which are highly fast and efficient. Most notably, the grease fitting on the front axle maintains the product’s longevity.

The Mustang 54 Zero-Turn Mower is developed primarily for professional mowers who spend several hours cutting vast lawn expanses and landscaping. As a result, it provides unparalleled comfort. This mower features a high back and an 18-inch wide comfy seat to keep the operator comfortable throughout extended work hours. Additionally, there is an integrated dual suspension that absorbs vibration and smooths out bumps for a smooth ride.


Although it is a good commercial mower, its unequal weight distribution doesn’t make it the best choice for steep areas.

Ariens 915223 IKON-X Riding Mower

When it comes to zero-turn mowers, the Ariens 915223 IKON-X cannot be overlooked. It is an outstanding mower with a high-performance engine that is capable of effortlessly grooming medium to big yards. The Ariens 915223 IKON-X is equipped with a fully built welding platform that is ideal for commercial mowing because of its durability and vibration-absorbing capabilities. Additionally, you can use this machine to mow hills. 

What we love about this mower:

  1. Outstanding Performance and Speed
  2. Numerous Cutting Options
  3. Design and construction that are environmentally friendly

To begin, the Ariens 915223 IKON-X is equipped with a 23 HP Kawasaki 726 CC FR V-twin engine that requires no introduction. It is substantially more powerful than the majority of its competitors. Having said that, the Ariens 915223 IKON-X is more than capable of completing a duty on a golf course. It is readily capable of trimming even the largest yards without running out of steam.

The Ariens 915223 IKON-X is a commercial-grade product. This high-end mower is capable of mowing any field, from golf courses to community parks and even football grounds. It is one of the most adaptable mowers available. With three sharp blades and an adjustable cutting height system, you can effortlessly trim any area, regardless of its height or length.

The ease of operation and durability of the Ariens 915223 IKON-X mower are critical. It is suitable for both professionals and amateurs because of its user-friendly design and easy access to functions. Hydrostatic EZT transaxles merely regulate the mowing process by enhancing reaction time. Most significantly, the four-point suspension system ensures that the blades cut uniformly through the grass.


Two factors contribute to the Ariens 915223 IKON-X mower’s cheaper price. To begin, when used on marshy land, the wheels tend to skid, creating a perilous situation. Second, the mower does not include a mulching system, which is rather inconvenient.

Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V

The first thing we loved about this mower is its speed, which enables it to mow acres of garden in a short period of time. As a result, you won’t have to worry about the vastness of the landscape.

Additionally, it includes a variety of amenities, including a choke-free start, a charge port, and an electric clutch. It incorporates air induction mowing technology. The best aspect about this tool is that you won’t have to worry about it needing to be maintained constantly because it comes with a maintenance-free warranty.

What we love about this mower

  1. Durability and Strength 
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Performance

Husqvarna’s YTA24V48 24V lawn mower is constructed entirely of robust flat-stock steel for increased durability and strength. Most notably, the fender-mounted deck’s spring-assisted expediency contributes to total cutting precision.

This model’s cruise control and quick-shifting pedal-operated automatic transmission enable it to reach high, sustained top speeds. Additionally, this model features an excellent turning radius and maneuverability.

This powerful tractor features innovative induction technology that sucks air into the cutting deck from the top and bottom to create a current. This increases grass lift, resulting in exceptionally clean, even cuts with each pass.

The main feature of the top-of-the-line Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V lawn mower is its simplicity of operation. The machine is quite simple to operate. It features a step-through ignition mechanism and an ergonomic seat with a secure choke system that makes starting, sitting, and dismounting as simple as possible. When riding this lawnmower, you will feel as if you are driving a sedan. The Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V lawnmower is an absolute pleasure to ride. This lawnmower’s value can be increased year-round by adding extras such as a trailer, numerous collection bins, brushes, and snowblades.

Finally, the Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V lawnmower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton Intek V-twin engine that simplifies grass mowing. It is capable of covering acres without impairing its performance. This high-performance mower features a mechanical compression release, full-pressure lubrication, and a high-debris management system, making it one of the best commercial lawn mowers for hills.


While there are no negative aspects to this Husqvarna powerful mower, the seat does become a little uncomfortable when climbing hills.


This information will provide you with everything that you need to make an informed choice when purchasing a commercial mower for hills. All of the products discussed in this review were chosen based on our own personal experience with them. Because of this, you can consider it to be a completely customized review. Even though there are other types of lawn mowers available on the market, these are the most highly recommended models that will meet all of your mowing requirements.

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