People Use Google To Find Businesses Online

A ton of people use Google daily. They use it to learn new things, to find the information they need, and most importantly for us, they use it to find services and products they need.

You might think that if you live in a small city that this isn’t really applicable to your business. But in fact, smaller cities usually perform even better because they don’t have as much competition.

Here is an example of a client that has a landscaping business in a small county with 30k people. Currently, he is getting 20 calls a month from Google at the end of the season.

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Why is getting shown on Google so powerful?

When you are advertising on ie. Facebook, you are trying to show your business to other people in hopes of impressing them and getting them interested in your services.

When people go to Google and search for landscapers, they are already interested and they are looking for a landscaper to pay them!

That’s why the leads that come from Google are usually easily closed as well. They already know what they want and they just need to find a good business to take care of their needs.

Imagine how powerful it is to show up when people are in need of your help? Well, that’s what we want for your business too!

How to show up when somebody needs your services?

The easiest way to get more leads by showing up on Google is to create a Google My Business listing.

It’s completely free and it’s provided to you by Google, you just need to sign up for it. What I basically do is I optimize clients’ Google My Business listings and I use a secret recipe to get them to rank higher. But, there are things you can do yourself to show up higher and get more leads.

That’s why I created this platform where I and my team will be posting a lot of tips that you can apply to your own business and get better results. Follow us on social media to stay updated!

When people search for services in their town, Google is going to show the top 3 Google My Business listings in their area. Ideally, we want to show up here to get the most leads, but we don’t need to be in the top 3 spots to get a ton of calls either.

How does a website fit into all of this?

A lot of people might call one of these businesses right after seeing their reviews, but most people would want to find out more. They would like to see your previous work, they would like to learn more about you, who you are, etc. They would like to look at your services to get an idea of what you can do for them and similar things.

That’s why your website is a crucial part of your business. It needs to answer all those questions and other important questions. It also must provide a few easy ways for customers to easily contact you and get a hold of you.

A well-built website also has a huge impact on how high your Google My Business listing is going to show up on Google. You will be able to find more tips on how to structure your website to get the most leads and to show up higher on Google too.

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