5 Best Commercial Weed Eaters for 2022

If it’s difficult for many people to choose a weed eater in general, purchasing a commercial weed eater is even more difficult. A commercial weed has to be strong and durable because it will be used to trim the grass on a variety of different terrains.

However, these are not the only considerations when selecting a commercial weed eater. You should also consider the tool’s ease of use, as you will likely be manipulating it for several hours each day. As a result, the commercial weed eater should be lightweight and well-balanced.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Commercial Weed Eater

Given the variety of weed eaters available on the market, here are a few points to consider before making a purchase. To begin, you should determine the type of weed eater you require. Essentially, you’ll have three choices:

Handheld Weed Whackers

Handheld weed whackers are the most frequently used weed eaters in professional settings. They consist essentially of a cutting head mounted on a long shaft and are propelled by either gas or electric engines.

Backpack Weed Eater

These types of weed eaters are designed specifically for commercial use and feature an engine mounted on backpack-style support. The cutting head is attached to a long shaft that resembles that of a standard weed whacker. The primary advantage is that you will experience less fatigue because you will be carrying the tool’s primary weight on your shoulders.

Walk Behind Wheeled Weed Eaters

Wheeled weed eaters are probably the most powerful. These weed eaters have a lot in common with push lawn mowers. They offer superior cutting characteristics and stability on virtually all terrains but are heavy and difficult to transport.

Let’s Talk About Engine Types

Numerous manufacturers produce commercial-grade weed eaters that are either gas or electrically powered. While gas-powered engines are considered to be more powerful than electric ones, the truth is that there are a few cordless weed eaters available that perform similarly to gas-powered models.

However, your decision should be based on the model’s practicality. Consider that you will be using the weed eater for an extended period of time each day; therefore, if you choose a battery-powered model, consider the battery’s runtime and recharge time.

Additionally, consider whether you will have access to a power outlet to recharge the battery as needed, or how many additional batteries you may require.

To avoid all of this inconvenience, many lawn care professionals prefer to use traditional gas-powered weed eaters.

If you choose a gas-powered model, you must decide whether you want a 2-cylinder or 4-cylinder engine. The primary distinction between the two is the type of fuel used. The 2-cylinder engines run on a combination of oil and gas, while the 4-cylinder engines run entirely on gas but require oil to lubricate the engine’s components.

Both types of engines are capable of comparable performance; however, two-cylinder engines are more lightweight due to their reduced component count.

What Power Output is The Best?

After deciding on the engine type, you should consider the power output. Typically, you should look for a model with a 30cc or larger engine. However, depending on the grass and weeds in your geographic region, an engine larger than 25cc may be sufficient.

When it comes to batteries, you should look for a model with a voltage greater than 30 volts.

Comfort is Important Too

When selecting a commercial weed eater, comfort and ease of use should be given equal weight to engine characteristics. Keeping in mind that you will be using this tool for extended periods of time, you should select a weed eater that is both comfortable to carry and maneuver.

Durability and Versatility

When selecting a commercial weed eater, make certain that the model is designed specifically for heavy-duty commercial use. There is almost always a mention of whether or not a tool is suitable for commercial use.

A weed eater that converts into additional lawn care tools may be more convenient to use. While the majority of commercial weed eaters are designed to be used exclusively for trimming, some manufacturers offer models that accept a variety of attachments.

Now, let’s talk about our top 5 picks for best weed eaters for 2022

Stihl FS91R

The Stihl FS91R is a top professional weed eater because it meets the demanding trimming needs of landscapers. This weed eater has low emissions, making it environmentally friendly, and a large tank that provides 30% longer run times. Additionally, its comfortable grip makes it easy to maneuver in tall and short grassy areas. There is also a three-step start procedure that saves the operator time and energy.


  1. Environmentally friendly, emitting very little exhaust
  2. Made in America is the proud label that distinguishes itself from the competition.
  3. A comfortable shoulder strap makes carrying the bag easier and reduces user fatigue.
  4. The completely lined drive shaft reduces vibration and ensures smooth operation.
  5. The weed eater’s High-Tech Polymer Housing is lightweight and corrosion resistant.
  6. A protected choke lever protects the knob from damage.
  7. A throttle trigger lock enables cruise control.
  8. Cover for the air filter is easily removable for easy access.
  9. Secure control cables that are completely enclosed to prevent damage to the wires
  10. The clutch is constructed of heavy-duty steel on steel, which helps to minimize slippage.
  11. Muffler with Secured Spark Arrestor reduces noise, emissions, and sparks.

Makita EM2650LH

This powerful 25.4cc 4-stroke engine is capable of handling any task in the lawn service industry. It features a tool-free filter access cover for convenient access and maintenance, as well as a multi-position lube system. Additionally, this weed eater can operate at any angle required. With a rapid load, bumps, and feed head, it operates at a high capacity. 


  1. Decompression of the mechanical engine is automatic, which simplifies starting.
  2. It weighs 10.9 pounds, which is relatively light in comparison to many commercial brands, even more so considering it is a 4-stroke motor.
  3. The oil filling port and drain plug are easily accessible for filling and changing the oil.
  4. It comes equipped with a window for checking the oil level.
  5. The shaft is made of steel to reduce vibration and extend the life of the machine.
  6. Adjustable handles make them easy to maneuver and balance.
  7. The fuel tank has a large opening to facilitate refueling.

Husqvarna 324L

The Husqvarna 324L Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer is powered by a 25cc, 4-cycle engine capable of spinning the line at speeds of up to 7,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). Trimming tall grass and weeds is a breeze with the 18-inch trimmer head, and the simple-to-use bumper feed releases line when tapped on the ground for ultimate control. It weighs only 5 pounds and features a translucent fuel tank that lets you know how much fuel is left. The air purge primer bulb eliminates air from the system, and reloading the line is simple.


  1. Husqvarna 324L can be used as a trimmer as well as an edger.
  2. With the aid of an air purge, this machine enables users to remove air from the carburetor.
  3. It features a cutting shield that protects you from flying debris while you clean.
  4. Due to the straight shaft design, it is ideal for cleaning under brushes and other difficult-to-reach areas.
  5. This machine includes smart start technology for a quick start.

Hitachi CG22EAP2SL

Although it appears to have a small engine, the 21.2cc Pure Fire engine in this Hitachi commercial weed eater provides enough power to the cutting head to ensure a perfect cut through even the most stubborn types of grass and weeds. Additionally, this weed eater is relatively lightweight and has an excellent balance, which makes it ideal for prolonged and intense use. The two-stroke engine emits less pollution and is backed by a two-year warranty.


  1. To facilitate use, this weed eater is equipped with a 4-inch semi-automatic head that utilizes a.095-inch co-polymer cutting line.
  2. Simple to start: Hitachi fitted this weed eater with an S-Start system that makes starting the weed eater easier.
  3. Anti-vibration system: eases fatigue and improves user comfort.
  4. The weed eater includes a 60-inch solid steel shaft that improves the tool’s maneuverability.

Black & Decker LST 136

If you’re looking for a commercial weed eater that is also environmentally friendly, the Black & Decker LST136 may be the perfect option for you. This weed eater is powered by a 36-volt lithium-ion battery and features a 13-inch cutting swath, so trimming will be a breeze. Additionally, this weed eater includes a quick charger that recharges the battery in approximately one hour. If you wish to keep a constant working rhythm, you should probably get a second battery.


  1. This weed eater is lightweight at 7.8 pounds, making it easy to carry and maneuver.
  2. The Power Command dial enables you to select between more power and increased runtime.
  3. Versatile: by just flipping the cutting head, this weed eater transforms into an edger.
  4. Automatic feed spool: The simple automatic feed spool eliminates the need to bump the weed eater.


We hope you liked reading our reviews and that they helped in your search for your next tool. If you found our guide to the top commercial weed eaters beneficial, please share it on Facebook and Instagram.

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